How to take pictures of the eclipse using your phone


For about 4½ minutes on April 8, tens of millions of Americans will see their Monday plunge prematurely into darkness.

If you’re fortunate — or should you’ve deliberate a visit into the path of this 12 months’s whole eclipse — you’ll be amongst them. And what higher approach to mark the second than with just a few beautiful eclipse pics?

The catch: Capturing worthwhile photographs of mainly something in house with a phone could be tough, particularly when your topic is a large, incandescent ball of fuel. Need proof? Go outdoors, strive taking an image of the noon solar, and see whether or not you seize something extra than simply vague brightness.

Thankfully, taking photographs of a complete eclipse is less complicated than you may anticipate — so long as you’re ready. Here’s the way you may have the ability to get just a few gorgeous eclipse pictures for your information with out hurting your self, or your phone.

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